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Premium (Lifetime)

10.16 €

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King (Lifetime)

25.40 €

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Ethernal (Lifetime)

50.80 €

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Prefix Premium King Ethernal
Blood gems 10 25 50
Teleport cooldown 8 minutes 6 minutes 4 minutes
Anvil color
Item auto pickup
Useless block remover
Global cosmetics
Blood particle
Festival particle
Weather particle
Glory particle
Ghost particle
Shield icon
Teddy bear icon
Little bird icon

Every rank works globally on all our servers. You only need to purchase it once.

You have to be online when purchasing the rank!

After the purchase you'll get it automatically on the server.

If you need help go to our Discord server or send an email to info@projectdreams.hu

Minden rangunk Globális rangként működik miszerint minden szerveren megkapod.

Rang vásárláskor legyél fent a szerveren!

A rangok vásárlás után automatikusan aktiválódnak a szerveren.

If you need help, please go to Discord or send Email to info@projectdreams.hu